Top Three Benefits of Using CBD Cream

2vYou might have been wondering, what is all of this hype about with this new CBD oil and how can it help me? Recently scientists have been able to create a cream out of this CBD oil making it easy to apply and giving in versatile usage. Three of the top benefits of using CBD cream include pain relief, relief from anxiety or depression, and acne removal and prevention.

Pain Relief

CBD oil has been tested and proved to be a leader in the pain relief category. It’s obvious and well known that smoking marijuana relieves pain but now scientist’s are finding that even when applied in a cream, the CBD oil will significantly reduce pain and irritation. The chemicals found in CBD are said to interfere with pain receptors in the bodies neurons causing temporary pain relief.

Relief From Anxiety and Depression

It’s no secret that depression and anxiety are taking over the lives of our children and teens now a days and it’s a huge problem. CBD oil has been studied in accordance with anxiety relief and studies show that people using this substance are significantly less likely to experience symptoms of depression than those not taking anything. This is a huge step for medicine because so many people are getting hooked on pharmaceutical drugs and experience horrible side effects from their anti-depressants and this could be an alternative.

Acne Prevention

Another far less talked about benefit of CBD oil is the effects it has on the skin and on acne prevention in particular. CBD Cream contains anti-inflammatory properties which is a root cause of acne and acne break outs in the skin. It also seems to inhibit sebum production which is what causes the pus filled pores that are what we label as acne.

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